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Wil Reeder, Esq Staff Attorney, National Football League
I was introduced to Mark via Professional Rx through a mutual friend. Prior to meeting Mark I never thought about using a career or professional coach. My initial thought was that I was smart and savvy enough to continue my career search on my own and that a career or professional coach would not add any value to my search for a new career. After my initial session with Mark it was very clear that he was a highly skilled professional with years of experience. Subsequent to our initial conversation Mark did a great assessment of both me and more core skill set. Mark was able to identify skills and attributes that I knew that I had, but were not on the forefront of my mind. Mark worked closely with me to help me understand both my value in my current role, but also the value that I could bring to my next potential employed. Mark coached me through both the job prospecting process and the interview process. Mark’s advice on interviewing for a senior management position was invaluable. Mark’s advice was personal to me and it wasn’t filed with jargon nor was his advice that was “cookie cutter” that could be provided to another potential client. Using the tools that Mark provided me I was able to secure a series of interviews for a senior management position that I would not have been able to secure on my own. I highly recommend Mark and Pro Rx!

Cedric Ragsdale, VP of Finance - Stiefel Laboratiories, Inc.
I have known Mark Hatcher for several years (since 1990) and obtained career coaching and mentoring often throughout these years even before the official formation of the Professional Prescription. One example occurred while I was the CFO of Eli Lilly & Company’s international business unit in Puerto Rico. My organization was faced with numerous audits occurring almost simultaneously. These included internal controls audit, customs audit, Sarbanes Oxley audits and others. My challenge was to keep my team engaged and motivated. Mark was instrumental in providing me with feedback and coaching during this difficult period. As a result of his guidance, my team successfully completed the audit season and received some recognition for one of the audits. Over the years, Mark has counseled me on negotiation of employment offers; resume writing, career decisions related to internal rotations and external opportunities, and many others. Mark has even connected me with more senior executives in his professional network so I could receive additional and more specialized counseling when appropriate. I strongly recommend Mark and his company for anyone looking for career progress and personal satisfaction on the job.

Christopher F. Wells, WSU, Director of Outreach
Since our paths crossed years ago and I have found Mark Hatcher and the Pro Rx team to be an invaluable resource when it comes to navigating the professional terrain. During the life cycle of our careers we are often faced with challenges, these challenges can be political, practical, or theoretical. Mark has been accessible and knowledgeable with his insight. He has influenced me to approach my career in a different way, informing me of national conferences, and social networking events. Mark and I have had professional coaching sessions, as well as crisis management sessions. Mark is well educated and enjoys sharing the fruits and knowledge of his career success. His experience in corporate and academe has fueled his familiarity with many scenarios. I appreciate the candor of our conversations and I look forward to our next coaching session or contract negotiation.

David Harris, Apple Genius and Software Engineer, Apple Corporation
I was given a job offer with a limited amount of time to make a decision, but I knew that I was worth more than they were offering. Since the offer seemed okay, I was going to give the company a decision without doing as much due diligence as I should have. Mark shared with me insights from the other side of the table and educated me on how to approach the situation. He analyzed and researched the offer in detail and created a counter-offer document. With my new confidence and knowledge I was able to extend the time I had to decide, have a productive conversation with the management, and negotiate a significant increase in salary. He was a key asset in this negotiation because he helped me to understand the situation better and gave me clear, concise actions to take. All of this would not have been possible without Mark's help and I am very grateful.

Clarence Hartman, Senior Account Manager, WellPoint
Having Mark in my life has truly been a blessing. Mark has experienced it all and has the business acumen and confidence that I aspire to have in the future. He has successfully guided me into the young professional that I am today. I met Mark as a Chemistry student looking for something better and networking with him taught me the value of the MBA degree. Three years later, I successfully completed my MBA on a full scholarship at Purdue University as Vice President of the Krannert Graduate Student Association. Furthermore, Mark immediately became an invaluable asset as I negotiated my job offer, which ended with a promotion, extra signing bonus, and a greater performance bonus before I started a day of work. Mark’s care, knowledge, and whit are invaluable and I strive to be able to do the things he did for me for others in the future.

Hugh F. Barrington, III, Senior Design Engineer, Boeing
I have known Mark Hatcher professionally for over 10-years. He is an intelligent, hard-working, congenial business professional that delivers exceptional results. Over the years, Mark and I have worked together on several programs and projects and most of those projects involved developing top talent. During our interaction, I have known him to be organized, responsible and travel savvy. Mark’s integrity, professionalism and ability to multi-task make him an ideal person to drive Marketing and professional development results.I recommend Mark Hatcher without reservation.

Cheri Wells, Founder, Events In The City
Mark and the Pro Rx team are exceptional. I have sought his advice on a number of occasions throughout my career. I know that I can always depend on him to provide me with the tools I need to be successful. Once, I was hesitant to negotiate a job offer. I talked with Mark and he walked me through the necessary steps to receive a higher job offer and increased benefits. If I wouldn't have sought his advice, I would have accepted the position without reaching my full earning potential. I recommend Mark's services to anyone who is in need of professional advise, and I will continue to seek him first for all of my career endeavors.

Shawn Armour, Technical Business Systems Manager, Microsoft
THANK YOU! I have been in the corporate sector for over 20 years and I have attempted negotiations before without much success. After seeking your help with negotiations with my last job offer, I have never felt so confident. You not only met but superseded my expectation and helped me to secure a significant increase in pay. I will be using your services again and I recommend the Professional Rx without hesitation.