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Pro Rx Employee Engagement Tools

Pro Rx Corporate Advancement and Enhancement Tools

This tool set, when deployed by Pro Rx associates, is designed to validate the professional character of working individuals and identify potential pitfalls. Once deployed, these tools help professionals accentuate or acquire the skills to better position themselves for advancement.

Personal Branding: The methodology for managing professionally perception. When implemented by the Pro Rx team an assessment is performed, skills and best-case professional scenarios are identified and clients are directed accordingly.
Advanced Professional Networking: In this service, Pro Rx professionals design courses of action for better professionals positioning. These tactics include the methodology to prepare for, attend and follow-up after interacting at professional events.
Diversity and Leadership Training (DLT): Diversity and Leadership Training when deployed by Pro Rx professionals assist clients with understanding how behavior adversely influences professional of other cultures. Our Diversity and Leadership Training programs help professionals identify and manage informal interaction and defined business practices including interviewing, delegating, communicating, evaluating and leading diverse work teams.

Business Process Improvement Tools
This suite of tools, when implemented by Pro Rx professionals, help individuals and organizations maximize efficiency to achieve optimal business results. Through this methodology, managers redirect operational behavior of employees.

Process Management: The methodology implemented to streamline how businesses operate. These techniques, usually synonymous with Process Improvement, involve multiple steps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in which results are delivered.
Six Sigma Implementation: A stage-gate process for eliminating variation from business processes. The most common methodologies used by Pro Rx professionals are the DMAIC and DMADV. The DMAIC method is used for existing processes that are broken while DMADV tool set is used for net new processes.e your paragraph here.